F I L M S 

Gussie, 2005, mini-DV, super 8mm, 50 mins.

'You don’t feel that you’re old,' says Gussie Adams, the 105-year-old subject of this film by her great-grandson, Meshakai Wolf. Comprised of intimate, often funny conversations and snippets of everyday life, the film is a vivid portrait of one woman’s accumulated wisdom and memories.

Despite her age, and recurring illnesses, Gussie remains an inquisitive and lucid subject, often shifting the focus onto her great-grandson behind the camera, grilling him about his own life while he documents hers. In the process, they forge a unique connection across an eighty year difference in age. With tenderness and humor, Gussie achieves not only a colorful portrait of old age in America; it points to the remarkable potential for communication between young and old.
Festival Screenings:

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Provincetown International Film Festival
Boston Jewish Film Festival
Magnolia Film Festival, Winner Best Documentary

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