In our attempts to understand the complex dynamics of life we have looked deep into outer space and perhaps even deeper into inner space. At times we see patterns and recurrence as if everything is interconnected and at others we see randomness and unpredictability—results that may lead us to question the most fundamental beliefs of our time.

This video series is based on the concepts of nonlinear image processing, also known as video or optical feedback.* The videos directly explore the spatial and temporal dynamics of our universe through the manipulation of reflected light trapped in a continuous loop. 
It is a recycling of information that is both familiar and abstract, a simultaneous beginning and end, a pulsating, hovering energy field that exists within a visual framework. Each video has an original score composed and performed by Fine Dining.

*Optical feedback is a continuous loop of reflected light caused by the phosphorescence in a television monitor. It is an experimental system in which to study complex spatial and temporal dynamics. In a sense, it can be treated as a space-time simulator that allows the operator to simultaneously control the recycling of information from one moment to the next (feedback) and the combining of different physical variables that often give rise to non-linearities (chaos).

500 Seconds, 13 mins. 04 secs., single-channel, stereo, HD, 2015

Vertere, 10 mins. 53 secs., single-channel, stereo, HD, 2014

Leave the Day Together, 7 mins. 01 secs., single-channel, stereo, HD, 2014

Centipede Waltz, 5 mins. 10 secs., single-channel, stereo, HD, 2014

Borneo, 5 mins. 04 secs., single-channel, stereo, HD, 2014

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