Squares: Self-Similar, 240 pages, 120 full color plates, two 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm hard-bound books, 2016

Below is a selection of images from the original artist book. All images created from optical feedback.*

Artist Statement -

“Digital imagery exists within a binary/pixeled structure and as a result is trapped behind the glass of a screen. I've been using an inkjet printer as a transfer device to extract an image's digital information and reinterpret it using the ink and organic material of paper and canvas. Pixels are no longer contained by their lines of code but are now free to bleed into one another in order to create a new indelible bond.  Each image in the book is a still photograph captured during the high-speed feedback process; it maintain its original ratio and visual informationso as to maintain a purity in transference.”

*Optical feedback is a continuous loop of reflected light caused by the phosphorescence in a television monitor. It is an experimental system in which to study complex spatial and temporal dynamics. In a sense, it can be treated as a space-time simulator that allows the operator to simultaneously control the recycling of information from one moment to the next (feedback) and the combining of different physical variables that often give rise to non-linearities (chaos).