—  June 20, 2017  

A new video accompanies electronic artist Dauwd’s debut release, Theory of Colours, on Ninja Tune. 

—  May 30, 2017  

An image from the book Squares has been published on the cover of the  inaugeral issue
of Derwaze, a Kurdish journal of social and human sciences.

—  April 06, 2017  

A selection from the series Squares: Rodolent has been published in the latest Salt Hill Journal
and appears on the cover of the issue.

—  December 10, 2016  

Latest film collaboration with singer-songwriter Diane Birch premieres on Nowness.

Stills from Nite Time Talking, b&w, super 8mm, 5 mins. 9 secs., 2016

—  August 30th, 2016  

Upcoming exhibition of my latest project, Squares: Self-Similar,
at the inaugural Independent Art Book Fair in New York City from September 16 - 18, 2016.

Square One: Dots Per Inch #1: 360, 720, 1440, 2880  (quadtych), pigment ink on cotton, 45 cm x 75 cm each, unframed, 2015

—  May 5th, 2016  

Interview and portraits with Diane Birch featured in ss/16 issue of S Magazine.
Interview by Jens Stolze and photographs by Margo Ducharme.

—  January 30th, 2016  

Sometimes it Takes Hours to Disappear, 1 mins. 50 secs., single-channel, HD, stereo, 2016

Performance piece at Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin.

— December 31st, 2015  

Live audio/visual performance at Spektrum, Berlin.